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Free Art of Seeing The Divine Book, Introduction color illustrated e book (includes 2 full visual brain games), plus Inspirational Newsletter





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How do you see the world? Are you always aware of the possibilities, potentials, blessings and energies that are the basis of the physical universe?

These prints depict the essences, the pre-particle/energies of elementary physics, which for many people are the very words of the Lord. Learn and practice a new vision of the physical universe. Inspire your eyes and the eyes of your loved ones, too.

Double Click on any image below or the titles in blue beneath the images to go to a special page about your print that includes a larger image, information, inspiration and a link to our secure shopping cart. You're always protected with our full money back guarantee.

Genesis: Sunrise Sunset Series

Limited Edition -- Double Signed & Numbered -- Investment Quality Prints

Dock Less Traveled

Sag Harbor Bridge Sunset

Watermill Sunset

Montauk Lighthouse

Genesis Beit 2009

Genesis Aleph 2009


Written on the Wind series

Limited Edition -- Double Signed & Numbered -- Investment Quality Prints

Psalm 23 (Female Cardinal)

Psalm 23 (Male Cardinal)

Psalm 69 (Seagull)

Seeing these images in your home or place of work will encourage you on a daily basis to learn to see the world in a new way.

Trees of Life series

Limited Edition -- Double Signed & Numbered -- Investment Quality Prints

Summer -- Seasons of Trees

Fall -- Seasons of Trees

Winter -- Seasons of Trees

Spring--Seasons of Trees

Complete set of all 4 Seasons of Trees



Limited Edition prints include certificates of Authenticity with provenance kept.

The history of art plus recent trends in the sales of contemporary art, limited edition* print sales, including for limited edition signed reproductive print sales, strongly show that art can be an excellent investment -- depending on what artist one collects.

*Never invest in any limited edition that numbers more that 700 prints in the edition.

Spiritual and Religious Art Prints

Mourner's Prayer


Hamsa Tree Aleph


Open Edition Prints

George Washington Essence Portrait

8.5 x 11 inches on paper

16 x 15 inches on canvas

Mourner's Prayer


Open Edition Prints are printed sold here are all printed in the artist's own studio on archival papers using archival piezio inks, just as the Limited Edition prints. The difference is that open edition prints are not limiyed, and thus numbered or signed. This means that they should noy be considered as an investment.

Otherwise you get the same splendid colors, adherence to details that make these prints a blessing to display in your home, place of work or give as a gift.

Of course, buying art in the early stages of a founder's career usually reaps the best percentage of profits on investment. Think of the financial benefits accrued by those early collectors of founders of other art theories, such as those of Andy Warhol, Camille Pissarro, Pablo Picasso, etc.

See more. Live inspired. Share the vision.


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