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Prints -- Archival Information

The archival quality of prints is of utmost importance, perhaps almost as important as the work itself. If a wok fades or is damaged by time and the elements it becomes worth much less, and perhaps even worthless. The best artists care about the preservation of their work. Wise collectors do, too.

There are different qualities and grades of paints and materials, including those used for Giclee prints. There are various brands of printers, inks and frankly, the most cost effective will fade and change colors over time. This is true for works on both paper and canvas. Unfortunately most buyers are not informed about the concerns of quality and trust artists and dealers. Whatever prints or works on paper a collector ever considers buying should always come with information, hopefully authenticated in writing by the artist or dealer as to the brand and kind of paper used and the inks.

Judy Rey Wasserman's prints are made with the best inks and papers (and soon) canvas available today for archival preservation. A great deal of research has gone into the process and continues to this day. So, if better quality printers, inks, papers or canvas become available we will switch.

Each print has a unique web page that describes fully the materials that are used to create the work. All works are created in-house to assure quality. These prints are understood to be investments as well as inspirational art. It is hoped and assumed that overtime each print, if kept in archival conditions by its owner , will increase in value. In fact, based on the history of prints by other artists that began new theories and ways of painting, the prints could well increase substantially in value. Due to this the Wasserman family retains ownership of at least 15 of every print image that is ever issued.

So that collectors can have their prints correctly framed we send information about archival framing with each order. There are specific materials that need to be used, actually museum grade, when framing an investment quality print. These materials are not very expensive and most good print shops have them available if asked. Print shops make money on the markup on the frames and the time spent doing the job.

Judy Rey Wasserman's prints defy the current excellent industry standard set by the better professional Giclee companies for image capture and scan. Our method is more time consuming and often less cost effective, but we produce a print with higher dpi and more detail. While the standard methods and dpi are workable, and it certainly would have been easier to have the prints made elsewhere, we need to capture the tiny details of the letters, the pre-matter essences. Although we are informed that human eyes cannot see details beyond 300 dpi, we answer to a higher authority that that and seek to inspire greater vision.






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