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Can a Tweet Change the World?

November 23rd, 2009 by Admin | 2 Comments | Filed in Inspirational Stuff, Social Media & Media

When @persiankiwi’s Last Tweet on June 24th 2009 won the nomination for Open Web Award it was a part of its ongoing journey through Twitter and social media that began five months ago.

This tweet has reverberated throughout Twitter since June 24 , 2009.  Since then @persainkiwi has steadily gained followers even though all public tweets from the account ceased.

This tweet and the one just before it have been quoted and retweeted since June.  It is a tweet that with the help of people from around the world, including me and possibly you, can help to change the world so that it is safer and freer.

Click to sign into the Open Web Awards, sign in via your Twitter or Facebook account and Vote for @persiankiwi for Best You Tube Video of the Year!

It is a tweet that can help topple an illegal dictatorship has been chastised by the United Nations and Amnesty International for repeated and ongoing human rights violations, while continuing its plan to gain nuclear bomb capabilities.

@persiankiwi’a poignant tweets as the Iranian government basiji closed in seemed to leave us with little to do but pray for the safety of all the peaceful Sea of Green protesters, including @persiankiwi, plus Tweet and RT the news in hope that the media such would include stories about Iran in their newspapers and broadcasts.

Now there is more that we can do, we can vote in a meaningful way that will gain a strong media share for the situation in Iran if @persiankiwin wins the Open Web Award. It is a election that the whole international web memberships of Twitter and Facebook can participle in — a kind of worldwide opportunity for democracy.

Unlike most of the other awards and nominations, this one is not a popularity contest about one’s favorite or most enjoyed Tweet, or even one of a memorable event. @persiankiwi’s Tweet is the Tweet of the Year because it continues to reverberate and inspire a vision of a better world and freedom for Iran as it spreads.

Plus, the aftermath—what will happen as a result if @persainkiwi wins, makes our votes count for more than they do in relation to any of the other nominees.

When @persiankiwi wins one of two things will happen, and either helps defeat the dictatorship of the current Iranian regime because they will gain the attention and sympathy of the international community.

1. @persiakiwi will travel to the USA to accept the award. Since @persiankiwi has become a symbol of the brave, young Iranian protesters. This win will gain a great deal of press coverage for the awards, social media and the situation in Iran .

2. @persiankiwi will be denied permission to travel by the Iranian government. This will also gain a good deal of press and reveal more to the international community about the current regime.

Ironically, this summer another brave Iranian Tweeted out during a protest in Farsi and below in English, “My silence is more powerful than your clubs”. It was repeated in many languages and ReTweeted.

Tweet Heard ‘Round the World” (detail) by Judy Rey Wasserman

@persiankiwi’s silence since June 24th has been powerful. A comment ona regime that attacks its own peaceful people who march, unarmed, hands lifeted in V’s for victory to protest for a real and fair infection.

But the award is for @persiankiwi’s words, not the deafening,silece that followed them. The reports from the protests and continuing events were something those of us who joined in RTing under the hashtag #Iranelection knew we could count of for their honest reporting and humanity.Thosw words added up to form a disturbing image of supposedly democratic govenment that had stolen an election.

Just as all the tiny symbol strokes in one of my paintings, such as the avatar for Persian Protesta, intermingle and combine to make an image of a new reality , a painting that can help change how we see the world—so too can all of our tiny votes and tweets combine to create a vision of a new reality of freedom and tolerance for Iran.

Yes, a tweet can change the world – because it can change lives.

Join with me and the many others who have and continue to cast our votes for @persiankiwi for best Tweet of the year in the Open Web Awards.

And then Tweet out the news about your vote on Twitter of Facebook and encourage others to do likewise.

In addition the video of Neda being shot has also won the nomination for Best You Tube Video of the Year. I urge you to also vote for it. This video also deserves to win, plus, unlike any of the other nominees those responsible for capturing the event on video were also risking their lives to bring the images to the world.

@persiankiwi’s last tweets chronicles a dangerous situation that led to arrest, and more that we do not yet know. Let’s help win this award for Best Tweet of the Year, hopefully bring this twitter member to the USA to accept the award and safely tell us more. Words can have great power—I know with certainty because I paint with them, their letters are all my strokes.

Sea of Green Rainbow by Judy Rey Wasserman, 2009

Strokes are letters of Bible’s Book of Esther

To quote another leader whose words were and are more powerful than the guns, hoses, dogs, lynching ropes, etc. “I have a dream…”

A tweet — 140 characters— can express a dream – and, yes, it can change the world.

Click to sign into the Open Web Awards, sign in via your Twitter or Facebook account and Vote for @persiankiwi for Best You Tube Video of the Year!

To read the current history of how @persainkiwi’s last tweet became nominated despite the then seeming fact that @persainkiwi might not be alive, plus the wonderful and encouraging new information about @persiankiwi read How You Can Help Change the World for Freedom & Tolerance with 3 Easy Clicks! and
Nominate @persiankiwi for a Free Iran .

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How to Avoid 3 of the Dumbest Mistakes Good People Make on Twitter

November 15th, 2009 by Admin | 12 Comments | Filed in Social Media & Media

Twitter is a wonderful place to make new friends, have real time conversations and gain valuable information.

There are three common dumb, even innocent, mistakes that Twitter members—regular social members as well as marketers make that can be very costly, affecting PC’s, losing friends and followers and even causing one to get TOS’ed off of Twitter.

Sadly, these mistakes are common and made by good people who are just picking up bad Twitter ways they have seen in the stream or think these are things that friends and good Twitter members do. [Note: in the examples below the only real links are to @judyrey and The rest are phony and for example purposes only]

Mistake # 3: Using a (via) when ReTweeting.

Although this is Twitter legal and popular it is a dumb thing to do. It adds in extra characters to a RT. We all need extra character– not less.

Some people began to do it as it makes a good Tweet seem to come from the ReTweeter. Plus, others who come along and RT it again may end up dropping the parentheses and not the second Tweeter, so it’s a bit scammy.

The way to RT is to do it up front of the Tweet.


@Twitterer1 RT @judyrey Have a Happy Day!

This has 3 less characters than

@Twitterer1 Have a Happy Day (via @judyrey)”

Since some Twitter stats use RTs to show influence the ( via ..) method is somewhat unfriendly to the originator of the Tweet.

Plus, the more people who can join a Twitter RT-conga-line the more exposure for the Tweet and the ReTweeters!

Mistake #2: Add a link to your own site or comment as if it was part of an original message and ReTweet it.

For example, @Foul_Twitterer decides to use this to draw others to his web page with affiliate marketing, via a shortened link:

@Foul_Twitterer RT @judyrey Have a Happy Day! http://abc.yz/LmNo

It looks to his followers, those who follow lists that show his tweets and anyone who sees my Tweets via a search that the link originally came from me. It didn’t, so this kind of Tweeting is a form of lying, slander, plus again it breaks Twitter TOS.

This kind of RTing gets people unfollowed, blocked, reported to Twitter—and can lose your account! It is a dumb thing to do even when it links to something innocent seeming.

If a link or RT seems out of character for someone you follow scroll through their tweets to see if they made it.

Here’s another example of this kind of RT:

@AliceinTwitterland is basically a good person who fell down the Twitter Rabbit Hole and is following what she has seen in the stream. She wants to add in a comment for a cause she espouses. She loves animals, which is why she fell in the hole. @AliceinTwitterland tweets:

@AliceinTwitterland RT @judyrey Have a Happy Day! Adopt a shelter rabbit!

Now, I happen to be strongly for rescuing shelter pets and have personally done this and worked for HSUS’s my Pet TV originating a show about animal rescues. Every now and then I will Tweet something about animal causes, but not often as on Twitter I am basically about art, seeing the world in a new way, standing to religious tolerance and freedom, plus helping out with what I have learned about using Social Media. Plus, every now and then I tweet jokes or humor.

@AliceinTwitterlands adding her message to make it seem like it is part of my own would be tolerated but not appreciated my me. While Alice cannot fathom how a nice little rabbit could get one in trouble, the point is she is putting words in my mouth! I would not send out a morning greeting about this. I would probably DM @AliceinTwitterland warning her not to add to my tweets. I would not “off her head” by reporting her to Twitter or block her. But she would not see a RT for herself from me for a long time, at least until she finishes painting the roses red.

There are two correct ways to add links or comments to Retweets that indicte they are additions. These ways do not break TOS and are polite and acceptable.

Here are examples:

How @Foul_Twitterer can tweetly clean up his act:

@Foul_Twitterer My happy day:  http://abc.yz/LmNo RT @judyrey Have a Happy Day

@Foul_Twitterer RT @judyrey Have a Happy Day [ http://abc.yz/LmNo ]

How @AliceinTwitterland can stay out of holes:

@AliceinTwitterland Good day to adopt a shelter pet! RT @judyrey Have a Happy Day

@AliceinTwitterland RT @judyrey Have a Happy Day [Today’s a Good Day to Adopt a Shelter Pet!]

Mistake # 1: Dumbest mistake a good, smart Twitter member can make: Clicking on any link sent in a DM that you did not previously request or agree to from a friend.

Most Twitter members learn quickly not to open any of those enticing links in DMs. The problems occur from messages that seem to be sent by actual friends and people we have come to know and trust in the stream.

In case you think it cannot happen to your friends because they are smart, it happened to one of mine recently who is web and phishing savvy, plus plenty smart—she even has a PhD! She was tired and got a link from someone she trusted and clicked on it.

We trust our friends– but never trust an unexpected link in a DM!

The way that phishing scams work is through links that are sent in DMs. They thrive because people—good people – fall for them and click the link that leads to a phony mirror site or authentic looking site that asks for their Twitter info. Seems harmless—but it is not! Apparently some links only need to be clicked to infect the victim’s PC—no info needs to be given past that initial click.

I have seen sites that look like Facebook or those of trusted apps. Even the URLs are formulated to deceive us.

While it seems safe to only open fascinating from real friends who know us that claim to have spotted our pictures in videos or photos, challenge us in I.Q contests, polls, etc. checking these links even from your best friend or family members is just plain ignorant—or since you have read this- dumb!

Phishers count on friends and family members clicking on these links so they fish the followers of the unsuspecting phishing victim and send out their wicked messages to them.

A requested link is one you asked for and/or expected. I have asked for links from friends that did not belong in the stream or that I wanted to consider for a RT.

The only link I will send is to my email address as to date sending an email to someone is always safe

I quit sending links, even ones to my web site – which is not shortened in DMs unless they are first requested or announced, even when adding the link in my reply DM would be appropriate.

For instance, I get DMs asking to see my art. Instead of sending a link back I DM this kind of reply:

@judyrey Hi & TY! To discover my art check out the link on my profile page or Google: UnGraven Image Be sure to play the top video!

Or, I reply with a Tweet in the Twitter stream so everyone can see:

@judyrey Hi & TY! To discover my art check out Be sure to play the top video!

The all time dumbest thing you can do on Twitter—or in a Facebook email is to click on an unrequested link and most especially a shortened one!

I do this so if I am ever phished—if my account is compromised my friends (I consider my followers to be friends) will remember that I do not send links in DMs unless first announced.

If someone you trust sends you an unexpected link in a DM  do not click on it until they verify via the public Twitter stream, an email or phone call that they actually did send that link.

So have fun, stay safe and Tweet smart. Follow me, I really as @judyrey and I follow back followers!

If you found the info in this blog valuable then share it with your followers. Tweeting and RTing information that you find valuable is a way to gain trust, gain followers and it’s also just plain friendly.
* * *
Judy Rey Wasserman is an artist and the founder of Post Conceptual Art theory and also the branch known as UnGraven Image Art. Download a free copy click: Manifesto of Post Conceptual Art– A Painting’s Meaning is Inherent in its Stroke.

Check out the limited and open edition prints in the estore.
Follow her on Twitter at @judyrey .]

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How You Can Help Change the World for Freedom & Tolerance with 3 Easy Clicks!

November 12th, 2009 by Admin | 1 Comment | Filed in Social Media & Media

Right now you have a unique opportunity to make a difference in the world by making three easy clicks to nominate two outstanding contributions to Mashable’s Open Web Awards. This may be the easiest chance to promote freedom and tolerance ever.

First Click

Actually, you already successfully made the First Click. It took you here to check out this article. Good Job! Shows you are a good person who is interested in helping others and creating a better world! See how easy this is?

Second Click

The next clicks each have an arrowbefore them. This article explains why and how you can help change the world by simply using those links!

First, you can l help gain a great deal of media attention for Iran ‘s freedom Fighters, bringing true democracy and tolerance to Iran. This will also mean removal from power of Iran ‘s current unconstitutional regime which seeks to have a nuclear bomb.

To do this we need to have the second to last Tweet by a @persiankiwi nominated for Mashable’s Open Web Awards. That tweet was made during a peaceful protest just before “The Kiwi” was arrested.

News of @persiankiwi

The fate of @persiankiwi has remained unknown, but on November 11, 2009 @judyrey (me) received compelling proof that @persiankiwi is not only alive (but now in hiding) and supports this nomination. The kiwi has requested that our effort to gain this nomination continue. I have a witness to this.

This new information means nominating @persiankiwi is viable and meets all the rules for the Open Web Awards. From the information I have it seems @persiankiwi is available to attend the awards. If the Iranian government prohibited the Kiwi’s exit from Iran to accept the award that would help gain more media attention for the peaceable freedom fighters, plus gain more support from democratic countries and groups such as Amnesty International.

Below is a screen capture of @persiankiwi’s final tweets with the second to last tweet indicated. You can see it and scroll the entire tweet time-line by going to

Persian Kiwi’s Final Tweets

@persiankiwi’s second to last Tweet: “thank you ppls for supporting Sea of Green -pls remember always our martyrs- Allah Akbar-Allah Akbar #Iranelection”

Just click this link, sign in with either Facebook or Twitter to make your nomination. It’s easy! Then return to this page for one more simple click.

Great! Two Successful clicks and just one more to go!

Third Click

As you can see from the above post I actively support freedom and religious tolerance. I am the artist who is the founder of Post Conceptual Art theory, especially the branch of UnGraven Image.

UnGraven Image is the first religious art theory founded in the USA , and being American is uniquely inclusive. I paint using symbols for each and every stroke. My symbol set is the only font or symbol set in the world that is alpha-numeric, phonic and binary. Binary is synonymous for duality, so in addition for my symbols elegantly referencing Elementary Physics” strings and branes, the strokes reference important concepts of dualities held by most all of the world’s religions and spiritual paths. Dualities include: Light/Dark, Good/Evil, Holy/Profane and also Yin/Yang.

Again with one easy click you can nominate the entertaining video, “Painting with the Big Bang of Genesis”. This video visually explains this new art theory and points to tolerance and a vision we all can and due share. As such, this new art always promotes peace and tolerance.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to see this remarkable video it is embedded below for your convenience. You can also access this video (it’s the one on top) and much more information, plus many images of this new art at

Want to do more?

Again, it’s easy!

1. Digg, Stumble, Mixx this article, share it in emails, post it to your own blog.

2. Tweet or post any or all of the following messages to Facebook news feeds, groups and fan pages or message it on other social media:

  • How You (yes, YOU!) Can Help Change the World for Freedom & Tolerance with 3 Easy Clicks!
  • Please nominate “Painting with the Big Bang of Genesis” for best YT video #OpenWebAwards RT!
  • Please nominate @persiankiwi’s 2nd to last Tweet for best Tweet #OpenWebAwards #Iranelection #Iran RT!
  • Easiest free way to promote Freedom & Tolerance for ALL today without even standing up? #openwebawards

3. Share this article in email via links or cut and paste. You also have permission to use it as content for your own blog- just spread the word.hare it in emails, post it to your own blog.


Your clicks and support are greatly appreciated.

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