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How You Can Help Change the World for Freedom & Tolerance with 3 Easy Clicks!

November 12th, 2009 by Admin | Filed under Social Media & Media.

Right now you have a unique opportunity to make a difference in the world by making three easy clicks to nominate two outstanding contributions to Mashable’s Open Web Awards. This may be the easiest chance to promote freedom and tolerance ever.

First Click

Actually, you already successfully made the First Click. It took you here to check out this article. Good Job! Shows you are a good person who is interested in helping others and creating a better world! See how easy this is?

Second Click

The next clicks each have an arrowbefore them. This article explains why and how you can help change the world by simply using those links!

First, you can l help gain a great deal of media attention for Iran ‘s freedom Fighters, bringing true democracy and tolerance to Iran. This will also mean removal from power of Iran ‘s current unconstitutional regime which seeks to have a nuclear bomb.

To do this we need to have the second to last Tweet by a @persiankiwi nominated for Mashable’s Open Web Awards. That tweet was made during a peaceful protest just before “The Kiwi” was arrested.

News of @persiankiwi

The fate of @persiankiwi has remained unknown, but on November 11, 2009 @judyrey (me) received compelling proof that @persiankiwi is not only alive (but now in hiding) and supports this nomination. The kiwi has requested that our effort to gain this nomination continue. I have a witness to this.

This new information means nominating @persiankiwi is viable and meets all the rules for the Open Web Awards. From the information I have it seems @persiankiwi is available to attend the awards. If the Iranian government prohibited the Kiwi’s exit from Iran to accept the award that would help gain more media attention for the peaceable freedom fighters, plus gain more support from democratic countries and groups such as Amnesty International.

Below is a screen capture of @persiankiwi’s final tweets with the second to last tweet indicated. You can see it and scroll the entire tweet time-line by going to

Persian Kiwi’s Final Tweets

@persiankiwi’s second to last Tweet: “thank you ppls for supporting Sea of Green -pls remember always our martyrs- Allah Akbar-Allah Akbar #Iranelection”

Just click this link, sign in with either Facebook or Twitter to make your nomination. It’s easy! Then return to this page for one more simple click.

Great! Two Successful clicks and just one more to go!

Third Click

As you can see from the above post I actively support freedom and religious tolerance. I am the artist who is the founder of Post Conceptual Art theory, especially the branch of UnGraven Image.

UnGraven Image is the first religious art theory founded in the USA , and being American is uniquely inclusive. I paint using symbols for each and every stroke. My symbol set is the only font or symbol set in the world that is alpha-numeric, phonic and binary. Binary is synonymous for duality, so in addition for my symbols elegantly referencing Elementary Physics” strings and branes, the strokes reference important concepts of dualities held by most all of the world’s religions and spiritual paths. Dualities include: Light/Dark, Good/Evil, Holy/Profane and also Yin/Yang.

Again with one easy click you can nominate the entertaining video, “Painting with the Big Bang of Genesis”. This video visually explains this new art theory and points to tolerance and a vision we all can and due share. As such, this new art always promotes peace and tolerance.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to see this remarkable video it is embedded below for your convenience. You can also access this video (it’s the one on top) and much more information, plus many images of this new art at

Want to do more?

Again, it’s easy!

1. Digg, Stumble, Mixx this article, share it in emails, post it to your own blog.

2. Tweet or post any or all of the following messages to Facebook news feeds, groups and fan pages or message it on other social media:

  • How You (yes, YOU!) Can Help Change the World for Freedom & Tolerance with 3 Easy Clicks!
  • Please nominate “Painting with the Big Bang of Genesis” for best YT video #OpenWebAwards RT!
  • Please nominate @persiankiwi’s 2nd to last Tweet for best Tweet #OpenWebAwards #Iranelection #Iran RT!
  • Easiest free way to promote Freedom & Tolerance for ALL today without even standing up? #openwebawards

3. Share this article in email via links or cut and paste. You also have permission to use it as content for your own blog- just spread the word.hare it in emails, post it to your own blog.


Your clicks and support are greatly appreciated.

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