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New Easy Way to Share the Bible Without Saying a Word

December 10th, 2010 by Admin | No Comments | Filed in Inspirational Stuff

The branch of Post Conceptual Art known as UnGraven Image offers anyone the opportunity to share and display Bible text(s) openly, anywhere. This is because the images are secular.

What makes these works religious and special is that the strokes that form the art are symbols from Bible texts. However, the strokes are used just like traditional strokes, one over the other, interwoven, and glazed. This means the letters and words are generally unseen or distinguishable. Unlike Conceptual Word Art the strokes cannot be read. Yet we know the words of The Divine are present in the artwork, just as we know that there are pre-particles and waves, particles, atoms and molecules that are the scientific basis for the physical universe that we see.

Like the tiny essences of the universe, the pre-matter and waves that elementary physics’ calls strings, the strokes interweave, join together and form the visual universe of the image. According to basic theology held by all branches and denominations of Christians and Jews, plus as mentioned in the Koran, when the Creator speaks the physical universe into existence the letters of those spokes words were and are the essences of the physical universe.

“And God said, ‘Let there be light.’”— Genesis 1:3

Founded by artist Judy Rey Wasserman, Post Conceptual Art uses symbols for each and every stroke. The branch of UnGraven Image uses original letters from Bible texts for the strokes in artworks. The meaning of the artwork is inherent in the strokes, not the narrative image the strokes produce.

Share the Bible Anywhere with anyone – Legally via 21 st Century Post Conceptual Art

Post Conceptual Art, especially through the branch known as UnGraven Image allows to you to show your patriotism with a fine art print of President George Washington. You can even display the Ten Commandments in public places thanks to this open edition print of George Washington, which is created using the words (letters) of Exodus 20, the Ten Commandments, for strokes.

George Washington – Exodus 20 – The Ten Commandments

To discover more about how you can acquire this print, plus see a close up of the strokes and a larger image of the work click –>WASHINGTON

The strokes of this artwork are the original letters of Exodus 20, the Ten Commandments. As the first President of the United States it was George Washington’s job to administer and safeguard the laws of the nation , including the constitution. It is widely held that much of the laws of the Constitution were based on the Ten Commandments, especially the understanding that the laws pertained to all people alike.

Want to bring the Bible into your office or waiting room without offending non-believer customers?

Show your love of nature with these prints of cardinals, male and female, which are each created with the original letters of Psalm 23, The Lord is My Shepherd.

While here and there one of the Torah (Bible) font letters from the original texts (not translations versions) peeks out, unless you explain the deeper basis and meaning of the artwork no one will know. Yet, you can feel the intrinsic energy that emanates from the artwork.

“My Word will not return unto me void.” — Isaiah 55:11

Psalm 23 (Female Cardinal)

To discover more about how you can acquire this print, plus see a close up of the strokes and a larger image of the work click –> FEMALE CARDINAL

Psalm 23 (Male Cardinal)
To discover more about how you can acquire this print, plus see a close up of the strokes and a larger image of the work click–>

The beauty of Landscapes in Sunsets and Seasons of Trees

Scientific studies have shown that when people are shown images of nature, or allowed to take a brief walk in nature (such as a park) they come back more refreshed and perform better at tasks that people who see cityscapes or other images during their break.

Therefore the landscapes are especially helpful when displayed in offices and places of study. You are not only bringing the power of the Bible text(s) into the room, but looking at the images is reviving and uplifting. Of course, unless you explain the significance of the strokes, no one will know the “secret” intrinsic Bible meaning of the works. You can display these works anywhere with pride.

In the Seasons of Trees series show below the strokes are from Deuteronomy 6.

Fall Tree Aleph

To learn more and discover more about how you can acquire this print click–> FALL TREE

Winter Tree Aleph

To learn more and discover more about how you can acquire this print click–> WINTER TREE

Spring Tree Aleph

To learn more and discover more about how you can acquire this print click–> SPRING TREE

Summer Tree Aleph

To learn more and discover more about how you can acquire this print click–> SUMMER TREE

To discover more about how you can acquire the complete set of these limited edition, signed and numbered prints at a special price click–> SEASONS of TREES SET

“To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven.”– Ecclesiastes 3:1

Bring the Bible Home via Sunsets, which are Always a Promise of a New Beginning

“Through wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding it is established:” —
Proverbs 24:3

In Genesis it is repeatedly established that the new day begins at sunset, which commences a time for pause before the next events of creation. A sunset can be understood as both a celebration of the events of the past day and an inspection — a kind of AhHa moment — that needs to be reflected upon before new activity begins.

Genesis Beit

To discover more about how you can acquire this print click –>GENESIS BEIT

This artwork is featured in the You Tube video, “Painting with the Big Bang of Genesis”, which can be seen also on the home page of Judy Rey Wasserman’s Post Conceptual UnGraven Image website: . Imagine telling your guests that your art stars in a video – or if you decide to give this investment quality print as a gift explaining that to the recipient!

“…but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” –Joshua 24:15

The prints shown here and all of the prints available through the Judy Rey Wasserman’s Art of Seeing The Divine E-Store, where you will find many more images that are currently available to suit your interests, favorite texts and inspire your decor. These prints also make special and cherished gifts for the people who are believers, observant or spiritual on your list. Additionally, depending on the subject of the image, these make excellent gifts for people who love or collect art, who are patriots, or who love nature.

To check out the investment quality limited edition prints, click –> Limited Edition Prints.

To check out the also archival quality but open edition and less expensive prints click –>Open Edition Prints.
* * *
Judy Rey Wasserman is an artist and the founder of Post Conceptual Art theory and also the branch known as UnGraven Image Art. Download a free copy click: Manifesto of Post Conceptual Art– A Painting’s Meaning is Inherent in its Stroke.

Check out the limited and open edition prints in the estore.
Follow her on Twitter at @judyrey .]

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Genesis Sunset — Dalet

December 8th, 2010 by Admin | No Comments | Filed in Inspirational Stuff

In Genesis Dalet the moment of light depicted is so strong that it seems to create a dip in the land beneath it from its “weight”, looking like a heavy object placed on something soft like foam or a quilt. In reality, this effect is created as the bright light reflects and visually seems to overtake whatever immediately surrounds it.

Sometimes an inspirational idea we have can almost weight us down with its significance that we must somehow express the excitement, which can include jumping up and down, which visually echoes the sun in Genesis Dalet weighing upon the horizon.

Genesis Aleph by Judy Rey Wasserman

Click: See page with link to larger image

Genesis Dalet uses the original Bible’s Torah font letters of Genesis 1-3:7 for each and every stroke. These strokes make it a member of the Genesis: Sunset-Sunrise series. Among other things this series is about moments of inspiration and understandings — those AhHa moments, when we “see the light”.

Post Conceptual UnGraven Image Art uses the Creator’s words as the strokes in every image. These symbol strokes also represent the strings of elementary physics, the tiniest pre particles and waves that are the basis for the physical universe. When you display this artwork at home, or your place of business it will visually remind you everyday that problems and cares are never really solid as the physical universe is comprised of tiny pre-particles and wave motions, which we can also understand as the words of The Divine, who according to Genesis speaks the universe into existence.

“And G-d said, let there be light.” –Genesis 1:3

“So shall My word be that goeth forth out of My mouth: it shall not return unto Me void , except it accomplish that which I please, and make the thing whereto I sent it prosper.” — Isaiah 55:11.

This Giclee print is created in the artist’s own studio using Epson fine art printer and inks for the best possible archival quality and reproduction. We use the highest dpi resolution possible, which is higher than the online sites that produce prints and Giclees from images for merchandise — this means you get better clearer details so that you can actually see the letter-strokes.   This print is the best quality digital print available or possible today from any artist — It has to be the best we can offer — it’s from the Bible!

Close up images so you can see the strokes:


8 x 10.25 inches

This print is on Enhanced Matte paper and is archival

$49.95 (includes handling and first class USPS shipping within USA for free!)

To discover more info in the special page at the shopping cart and/or to buy CLICK HERE NOW

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