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Good News about the Perks for Upcoming Indiegogo Campaign

June 16th, 2014 by Admin | No Comments | Filed in Book, Inspirational Stuff, Prophecy

We are almost ready to go live!

If you have been reading my blogs you know that I hit a glitch as regarding the upcoming Indiegogo Crowd Funding Campaign for publishing the full sized Genesis book as an e book and also publishing it as a printed book using Print on Demand publishing (POD). Essentially the POD printers, including Amazon’s Create Space, will only print all in black and white or all in color. My books are color illustrated and the SHMR Activities (visual brain games for enhanced vision of SHMR/Bible Eyes) need to have images in color but these illustrations are less than half of the book. Printing every page in color makes the price too exorbitant for wide distribution as a trade book.

Since almost every perk I had for the proposed crowd funding campaign included a least one copy of a printed Genesis book based on POD printing, the campaign perks needed to completely revised. Now, if a stretch funding goal is reached, I will be available to offer printed books and donors can upgrade to include them. This way we can keep the original funding goal lower so all donors can keep their perks. Genesis e books are included as a perk at every donation support level in the revised campaign.

It turns out that the new revised perks are better for campaign supporters as now there is much more art included.  For the first and only possibly the only time original paintings of mine are being openly offered over the web.  Also for the first time there will be original prints offered. Making these perks even better is the discount since I there is no dealer or gallery to share the sale. So, some of the perks can be understood as an investor’s or flipper’s dream.

The original paintings and prints are limited. Yet, there is art, and books, and more being offered to fit anyone’s budget.

Importantly, as a supporter you will be helping to fund and bring the good news of revolutionary Post Conceptual UnGraven Image art to other people. This is important as not only can this art be actually vision changing but it seems that a new vision with “Eyes that see” in the Latter Days is prophesied in both testaments of the Bible! You will be supporting bring daily on-going inspiration (and for believers and the observant an increasing awareness of The Presence) into your life and into the lives of others through this new vision.

I know this seems amazing, even unbelievable. It took me a while (OK, a couple of years) to come to terms with what is happening via UnGraven Image Art. This is why I am currently freely giving the e book In the Beginning away. It tells the story of how this new art theory and art came to be, and also the discovery of the SHMR (pronounced like show-more, or the Hebrew word “shomer”, which means to watch or observe – think watchman on the wall) way of seeing that is also called Bible Eyes. Did you know that the “eyes that see” verse is the most repeated verse in both testaments, and that this includes prophecy for the Latter Days?

At the web page you will find In the Beginning as a free download in various formats other that PDF, for Kindle, IPad, iPhone, Androids, and Nook devices. Once the campaign ends In the Beginning e book will no longer be free. It will be slightly revised and include acknowledgement of some supporting donors. Then it will be placed on Amazon. So get your copy or copies now! And share the In the Beginning  e books or links with others — you not only have my permission, I urge you do do this even to the extent of placing links to the URLs of the downloads on your blogs or in emails. Please share the vision.

Aside from being informative and inspirational, In the Beginning is fun and even at times funny. After all, I was a comedy and scriptwriter. Plus, there are more Latter Days prophecies that seem to have come true, but not noticed by others, which are revealed in the book.

In the next email to newsletter members secret information will be included pertaining exactly when the fundraising campaign will go live. This information is valuable as it gives a head start towards funding the campaign and obtaining the limited Early Bird and Door Buster perks To sign up for the newsletter use the box in the sidebar of this blog or if you are reading this in an email or on a blog that someone kindly cut and pasted to share, then go to

Thanks for support and attention.


Judy Rey

Judy Rey Wasserman

Founder, Artist and Author

UnGraven Image &
Art of Seeing the Divine

e Store: of seeing the



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Art & Bible Free eBook now formatted for Kindle, iPads, Android & More

May 20th, 2014 by Admin | No Comments | Filed in Bible, Book, Inspirational Stuff, Prophecy

In the Beginning ebook is now available in your choice of four formats. This means that whatever your preferred color ebook device is, there is a format that specifically fits your needs!

Post Conceptual UnGraven Image Art theory is based at the intersection of ancient spiritual wisdom and
cutting edge contemporary science. It shows us a new and enhanced spiritual and science based way to see the world. It is a life changing vision that can even become an actual new way of seeing We call this new way of actually seeing SHMR (show-more) vision or Bible Eyes. I
s this a fulfillment of a beneficial “Eyes that See” Bible prophecy for the Latter Days?

Can this be true?

See for yourself. See more.

Read:  In the Beginning

Prior to and during an soon-to-be-launched Indiegogo campaign In the Beginning eBook is Free in the format of your choice!

For immediate download:

EPub for iPad, iPod, Android, Nook, Google Drive & more


Kindle format for Kindle Fire & HD


PDF for PCs. PDFs and can also be uploaded for most all tablets. PDF will open right up in another tab on your browser. Click on the disk icon to download to your device.


PDF zipped. Email it to your b&w Kindle. will open right up in another tab. Click on the  disc icon to download to your device.


In the Beginning can also be yours, for free, through our secure online store and shopping cart. The advantage of using this method is that it immediately places your email on our priority list to receive the first updates about the Indiegogo campaign. The Door-buster & Early Bird perks are especially limited and a great opportunity for art enthusiasts, collectors, and can be understood as a kind of investment in the work of an artist founding a radical new art theory with vision and life changing art.

Online Store
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In The Beginning’s Cover Story

April 18th, 2014 by Admin | No Comments | Filed in Bible, Book, Brain & Perception, Inspirational Stuff, Prophecy

In the Beginning tells the story of the experiment that became Post Conceptual Art’s New theory, including UnGraven Image art, and then the discovery of how that art can actually change how people see — and how that new way of seeing seems to fulfill Bible prophesy for the Latter Days.

The image below reveals the new cover for the book.

So that you can see about this for yourself, the ebook of In the Beginning, will be available for free, as a gift during an upcoming Crowd Funding campaign, to fund a larger book and ebook that entitled Genesis. The fastest way to get your free copy and news of the funding campaign so you can have first dibs on the Early Bird and Door Buster rewards (think: original art) is become a member of my newsletter. The ebook’s free availability will also be announced on my two blogs, and,, and also through posts and tweets on social media.

The art image in the cover is from my Genesis Sunsets and also Duets series, and the sub-series of “Hands”. Here, I am doing a visual duet with Michelangelo’s creation of Adam from the Sistine Chapel. All of my strokes for the sunset are the original letters of Genesis 1-2:7. You will find more on both sunsets, including art and inspiration and a new SHRM Activity in the upcoming ebook.

In the Beginning by Judy Rey Wasserman

* * *

Judy Rey Wasserman is an artist and the founder of Post Conceptual Art theory and also the branch known as UnGraven Image Art at Download a free copy click: Manifesto of Post Conceptual Art– A Painting’s Meaning is Inherent in its Stroke.

Check out the images and availability of limited and open edition prints — Click: store.

Follow her on Twitter at @judyrey

A smaller e-book will be available soon that is also filled with art, inspiration and Awakening Vision Experiences. The smaller brand new e-book will be available for free before the launch of the Crowd Funding campaign and that will also be available to mailing list subscribers first.

If you wish to have an advantage and to know exactly when the campaign goes live so you have first choice of the rewards that are for originals or limited editions,and get a copy of the free e book, you can use this link to sign up for the revamped free newsletter:

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Can a Book Help You Change How You Actually See The World?

November 9th, 2008 by Admin | 1 Comment | Filed in Uncategorized

The Art of Seeing the Divine — Book 1: What Do You See? by Judy Rey Wasserman offers an inspirational visual way to change the way one sees the world by using a series of easy and fun Visual Experiences to create memories the brain can then use to more accurately decode and recognize the images of light received from the eyes. See more energy – the essence of the universe, which for many are the inspirational and empowering Words of The Creator according to Genesis 1.

How is this possible?

Recent scientific discoveries reveal that ninety percent (90%) of vision occurs in the brain as it decodes the impressions of light received by the eyes. You can actually enhance how you see the world by specifically and consciously adding visual memories of images that will allow the brain to recognize and decode more of the data received.

As your brain begins to use the new memories of images to decode the impressions of light received from your eyes you will see the essences that are everywhere always, which for many people are the words of the Creator. Actually, your eyes have been seeing this and do even now, but your brain had no data to use to decode these impressions previously. For many people these energies are or represent the words of the Creator.

The images used are special. They are from the new Post Conceptual UnGraven Image artworks that use the only alpha-numeric, phonic and binary symbol set in the world for each and every stroke. These symbol-strokes elegantly represent the energy, or strings of elementary physics, as they tally in behavior (sound/written= energy/pre-matter), number, and they are even binary. These amazing symbols are the Torah font letters of from original Bible texts.Thus the images artistically embody and present the concept.

However, the visual Exercise/Experiences are more than just looking at art. You become visually involved with the art and close-ups of the art in different and interesting ways. New concepts are introduced that help understand the theory and process. Plus, you learn to see art and look in ways that are new for most people.

Seeing the energies is inspiring and empowering. The world, including problems, concerns, obstacles (real or considered) seem less solid and impassable when one is experiencing the universe as energy and the words of the Divine.

How Can This Image Help You Change The Way You See The World?

Judy Rey Wasserman

Psalm 69 (Seagull)

Text used for strokes : Psalm 69

Seeing in this new way also encourages better results from answered prayer, visualization, positive thinking, affirmations and the Law of Attraction

This occurs for several reasons. First, becoming aware of the energy helps you pull yourself out of negative thought patterns and emotions, that can seem very “true” and real at the time. Viewing the energy (words of the Divine) offers an immediate challenge to the actual validity or truth of negative thoughts and emotions.

As you consciously, and probably for the first time in your life focus on consciously creating visual memories simply for the sake of having them (not to learn something else) you are simultaneously purposefully working your brain. Rather than just going along with the thoughts and feelings your brain send you, you are practicing being consciously in charge. Meditation is another way of taking charge of one’s focus, but this is different. This is consciously focusing, adding and creating more of the way you want your mind to work.

The Art of Seeing The Divine — Book 1, includes encouraging, inspirational and informative articles as well as ten (10) Visual/Exercise/Experiences that include illustrations. Most people enjoy the Visual/Exercise/Experiences as they are fun, interesting and impossible to fail but designed for continual improvement a a person’s own rate. Thus the book is kind of a personal seminar in book format. Start today!

Get The Book. Do The Book. See More. Share The Vision.

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Hello world!

October 30th, 2008 by Admin | No Comments | Filed in Uncategorized

This is a new blog site for The Art of Seeing The Divine.

The three blog posts that follow after this (actually as one scrolls, are above) have been republished here from the old, but then also new site that used different software. Please update your links.

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