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How to Upload & Read your New Free EBook PDF for Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD

May 9th, 2014 by Admin | No Comments | Filed in Bible, Book, Inspirational Stuff, Social Media & Media

It is now easy for you to acquire and read your free (*for a limited time) new copy of In the Beginning using your Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD – or even a black and white text Kindle. The color readers are preferred as this ebook includes color illustrations.  We have taken steps to make this especially stress-free for Kindle users.

Amazon has two different ways that users of Kindles can download and read PDFs.  The first method is to download to a Kindle directly from a PC. The second was is to upload a PDF to a Kindle via an email sent to a Kindle.

PC to Kindle Method

1. Download the PDF of In the Beginning to the PC. Click on the web link provided – a new window will open up. In that window you will see the ebook’s cover. In the top right corner of the screen are icons. Click on the little icon that looks like a floppy disc and has a down pointing arrow on it. The PDF of the ebook will automatically download, and will then be available to you from your download folder. You can use this link to immediately get your copy, CLICK:

2.Connect your Kindle device to your computer using a USB cable. When connected to a computer,  Kindle devices  go into USB drive mode, which disconnects them from a wireless connection. This is fine, as they will reconnect once disconnected from a PC.

3.After you’ve connected your device to your computer, your Kindle will appear in the same location USB drives usually appear.

  On a Mac: Your Kindle will appear on your desktop.

  In Windows: Click Start, and then click Computer or My Computer. Click on Kindle to open the Kindle drive.

4. On the PC, use your mouse to Drag your personal document from your desktop or Download folder in widows and drop it into the Documents folder in the Kindle drive. [Note: some Windows users find it easier to send the downloaded PDF to their desktop, especially if their Kindle drive is
there. Then the Drag action is accomplished on the desktop.]

5. Once the download is completed you can safely eject your Kindle device, and then unplug your Kindle device from your computer.

6. The PDF of In the Beginning will appear on the home screen of your Kindle. For Kindle Fire devices, tap Docs from the home screen to view your documents.

Email to Kindle Method

There are two ways that you can get your copy of In the Beginning via email.  We can either email your Kindle account directly with the zipped PDF or we can email a different email account (like the one you wish to use to subscribe to the newsletter and/or contribute to our Indiegogo campaign), and then you can send it to your own Kindle email account.  This is about the same as if you downloaded the PDF unto a PC, zipped it and emailed it to your own Kindle email account.

A.  First Email to Kindle Method. We email your Kindle account directly. To do this you must first set up your Approved Personal Document E-mail list to include our special account for sending the free copy of In the Beginning to kindle email addresses. 

1. Visit Manage Your Content and Devices, and then click Personal Documents Settings. Click Add a new approved e-mail address under Approved Personal Document E-mail List.  Enter our special email address:
Click Add Address. [Note that after you have the ebook you can remove our address from your Kindle. We do not send newsletters to Kindle addresses.]

              2. After completing step 1 above, using your regular email address, send an email to In the subject please write “eBook”, so we know it is not spam. In the body simply put your Kindle address. Note that according to Amazon you must have completed the step above that whitelists our special email address for our email to reach you. Your Kindle also needs to have wireless when you access your Kindle email.

3. We will then send you a zipped file of the PDF of In the Beginning. The subject of our email to you will say “convert’ . This tells your Kindle to convert the zip file to be readable on your Kindle. Simply click on the email and your Kindle will automatically open and convert the file. You will find it stored in your Kindle Library.

B. Second email to Kindle method:

1. Using the email address that you usually use, send an email to Notice that this is a different account than the email account above. That is because the direct to Kindle email must have a subject line that only says “convert”.

2. We will automatically send a link to a zipped PDF file of In the Beginning back to the same non-Kindle email

  a. Or, you can take the attached zip file and attach it to an email that you personally send to your Kindle. Remember that you must place the word ”convert” in that email’s subject line for this method to work.

   b. Plus you can read the unzipped file on your PC or other device. You can unzip and open the file with a PC or iPad and follow the directions above for uploading a PDF to a Kindle from a PC.

PDF files can also be uploaded to regular non-color Kindles. Since the majority of pages are text only, it can work to read the text of In the Beginning on a non-color Kindle, and then use a PC or other device that reads PDF in color for the SHMR activities and to see the color illustration.

To enable Personal Document Archiving, follow the steps above and check the box next to Enable personal document archiving in your own “My Kindle librar”y.

For more on Kindle Personal Documents Service See:

* Note:  The In the Beginning ebook is available for free prior to and during an Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds to publish a larger book and support the art of Post Conceptual UnGraven Image.

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How to Triumph Over a Dark Time

August 24th, 2010 by Admin | 1 Comment | Filed in Brain & Perception, Inspirational Stuff

We need our bad, difficult or dark times.  They often are a time for reflection, rest, renewing and making good relationships and preparing for a time of success and activity to come. Yet, we usually want to navigate out of them.

How can we turn a difficult period in life into one of victory that leads to greater success and blessing?

A bad or dark time can be understood as a time that we experience that we are not getting what we need, or have lost what we need and cannot see a clear way forward. Even though others may also be experiencing our situation, we often feel alone.

In the Bible’s Genesis 1, the night that follows the sunset is a time of inspiration that ends the activity of one day and begins the next day. After the sunset the day begins with night: a dark time.

Too often we confuse a dark time with an event. A dark time can be understood as an event as it has a beginning, middle and end, but usually it is a cohesive event of its own, even when looked at through hindsight. A cohesive event is like building a house, there is a step by step progression, and although there may be frustrations and unexpected setbacks always occur, we basically understand when we are at the beginning, midway and completed.

A dark time is often a reality that we did not cause, such as the loss of a close loved one or the financial effects of being laid off due to a recession. Yet our person realities, how we see ourselves and our lives must be adjusted or reassessed to include the new reality, in a new and somehow positive way in order to pull out of the dark time.

This kind of struggle is like Jacob wrestling with the angel, as sometimes we feel that we are in conflict with divine forces. We wrestle to find a way to go forward with the inspiration that we have for our lives.

Dark times also follow honeymoon periods, the time in a marriage when adjustments in living and acting as an individual must become being a part of a duo, the time after the baby is born when she keeps the sleep deprived mother up, and the time after graduation when the prior student struggles with finding a job, the demands of daily work and independent living, etc. These are times of reassessment, letting go of egotistical goals, and making special efforts that may not be rewarded, but they can feel like times of great troubles.

Just as night takes away most of the light needed to achieve most activities, dark times are often associated with loss and feeling thwarted or experiencing difficulties going forward.

The focus and work during a dark time is always about how to integrate our new inspiration or understandings about our reality or situation into our lives. It is often a time for changing the goals (not necessarily purposes) from those we had before the time of inspiration or new understanding to ones that include the new ideas.

A dark time is the time to quit pushing the same old solutions and ideas that worked previously. It is the time to reassess, and to ask questions and explore new ways of being and doing that will achieve our purposes but not necessarily our former goals.

Many people in the world today are going through dark times caused by natural events such as earthquakes, mudslides, drought, floods and fires; events caused by wars and economic recession. Nations and peoples can also go through dark or hard times as a group.

The USA went through a dark time during the depression that began in 1929. During the Roaring Twenties we had focused on having a good time, on materialism and status, loosing our focus on developing freedom and tolerance. We were struggling to make capitalism, not democracy work. The attack on Pearl Harbor not only brought us into World War II, it renewed our focus on our Constitutional American values, such as individual freedom, responsibility and tolerance. In the USA World War II was seen as a war of Democracy vs. Fascism, not Capitalism vs. Fascism.

Going to war was not about how other nations saw us, or how we could prosper, it was about standing up for what we believed in. And so we pulled out of the Depression.

Lives change when focus changes to align with our national or individual heartfelt purposes. While Capitalism may be a great system, it is not at the heart of the Constitution of the USA, but may be seen as a by product or a kind of goal.

There are ways to prepare for bad times when in good times. You have probably heard the advice, “Save it for a rainy day”. Yet it takes more than money to pull through a dark time, even when a lack of money from a loss of income or mounting unexpected bills, usually for medical care is the problem.

A personal dark time is the time to renew and review one’s purposes. It is the time to refocus on one’s spiritual relationship with The Divine, and determine how to better live a life that reflects and fulfills that.

Time spent in previous spiritual learning and pursuits such as meditation, positive thinking and prayer can help provide tools and ways to gain comfort. The twenty-first  century breakthrough of XXX SHMR Vision or Bible Eyes can help one to see problems and concerns in a new and less solid way, plus help an individual stay in the present, dealing with the current problems, rather than having past problems and unresolved or unwanted emotions re-stimulated and brought into conscious or unconscious memory.

Focus on what you believe in and take steps that bring your life into harmony with that, ignoring what others think or how this can prosper you. Look for the silver lining, whatever the situation. Ask yourself, what are you learning from this situation that will help you achieve your life’s purposes? While the initial answers may be angry or brittle with bitter humor, eventually some character building or future benefit will be understood. While this may not seem to be equal to the loss or pain of the problem, it does bring you a step forward towards a positive view.

With that realignment you will experience more light and personally begin to pull out of the dark time and move you to a dawn where you can begin to enact your personal inspiration.

Discover more about the SHMR and Bible Eyes way of seeing – get your free ebook, In the Beginning that includes visual brain games using full color art, plus information and inspiration today! Click Here for Free Book

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