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Good News about the Perks for Upcoming Indiegogo Campaign

June 16th, 2014 by Admin | No Comments | Filed in Book, Inspirational Stuff, Prophecy

We are almost ready to go live!

If you have been reading my blogs you know that I hit a glitch as regarding the upcoming Indiegogo Crowd Funding Campaign for publishing the full sized Genesis book as an e book and also publishing it as a printed book using Print on Demand publishing (POD). Essentially the POD printers, including Amazon’s Create Space, will only print all in black and white or all in color. My books are color illustrated and the SHMR Activities (visual brain games for enhanced vision of SHMR/Bible Eyes) need to have images in color but these illustrations are less than half of the book. Printing every page in color makes the price too exorbitant for wide distribution as a trade book.

Since almost every perk I had for the proposed crowd funding campaign included a least one copy of a printed Genesis book based on POD printing, the campaign perks needed to completely revised. Now, if a stretch funding goal is reached, I will be available to offer printed books and donors can upgrade to include them. This way we can keep the original funding goal lower so all donors can keep their perks. Genesis e books are included as a perk at every donation support level in the revised campaign.

It turns out that the new revised perks are better for campaign supporters as now there is much more art included.  For the first and only possibly the only time original paintings of mine are being openly offered over the web.  Also for the first time there will be original prints offered. Making these perks even better is the discount since I there is no dealer or gallery to share the sale. So, some of the perks can be understood as an investor’s or flipper’s dream.

The original paintings and prints are limited. Yet, there is art, and books, and more being offered to fit anyone’s budget.

Importantly, as a supporter you will be helping to fund and bring the good news of revolutionary Post Conceptual UnGraven Image art to other people. This is important as not only can this art be actually vision changing but it seems that a new vision with “Eyes that see” in the Latter Days is prophesied in both testaments of the Bible! You will be supporting bring daily on-going inspiration (and for believers and the observant an increasing awareness of The Presence) into your life and into the lives of others through this new vision.

I know this seems amazing, even unbelievable. It took me a while (OK, a couple of years) to come to terms with what is happening via UnGraven Image Art. This is why I am currently freely giving the e book In the Beginning away. It tells the story of how this new art theory and art came to be, and also the discovery of the SHMR (pronounced like show-more, or the Hebrew word “shomer”, which means to watch or observe – think watchman on the wall) way of seeing that is also called Bible Eyes. Did you know that the “eyes that see” verse is the most repeated verse in both testaments, and that this includes prophecy for the Latter Days?

At the web page you will find In the Beginning as a free download in various formats other that PDF, for Kindle, IPad, iPhone, Androids, and Nook devices. Once the campaign ends In the Beginning e book will no longer be free. It will be slightly revised and include acknowledgement of some supporting donors. Then it will be placed on Amazon. So get your copy or copies now! And share the In the Beginning  e books or links with others — you not only have my permission, I urge you do do this even to the extent of placing links to the URLs of the downloads on your blogs or in emails. Please share the vision.

Aside from being informative and inspirational, In the Beginning is fun and even at times funny. After all, I was a comedy and scriptwriter. Plus, there are more Latter Days prophecies that seem to have come true, but not noticed by others, which are revealed in the book.

In the next email to newsletter members secret information will be included pertaining exactly when the fundraising campaign will go live. This information is valuable as it gives a head start towards funding the campaign and obtaining the limited Early Bird and Door Buster perks To sign up for the newsletter use the box in the sidebar of this blog or if you are reading this in an email or on a blog that someone kindly cut and pasted to share, then go to

Thanks for support and attention.


Judy Rey

Judy Rey Wasserman

Founder, Artist and Author

UnGraven Image &
Art of Seeing the Divine

e Store: of seeing the



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In The Beginning’s Cover Story

April 18th, 2014 by Admin | No Comments | Filed in Bible, Book, Brain & Perception, Inspirational Stuff, Prophecy

In the Beginning tells the story of the experiment that became Post Conceptual Art’s New theory, including UnGraven Image art, and then the discovery of how that art can actually change how people see — and how that new way of seeing seems to fulfill Bible prophesy for the Latter Days.

The image below reveals the new cover for the book.

So that you can see about this for yourself, the ebook of In the Beginning, will be available for free, as a gift during an upcoming Crowd Funding campaign, to fund a larger book and ebook that entitled Genesis. The fastest way to get your free copy and news of the funding campaign so you can have first dibs on the Early Bird and Door Buster rewards (think: original art) is become a member of my newsletter. The ebook’s free availability will also be announced on my two blogs, and,, and also through posts and tweets on social media.

The art image in the cover is from my Genesis Sunsets and also Duets series, and the sub-series of “Hands”. Here, I am doing a visual duet with Michelangelo’s creation of Adam from the Sistine Chapel. All of my strokes for the sunset are the original letters of Genesis 1-2:7. You will find more on both sunsets, including art and inspiration and a new SHRM Activity in the upcoming ebook.

In the Beginning by Judy Rey Wasserman

* * *

Judy Rey Wasserman is an artist and the founder of Post Conceptual Art theory and also the branch known as UnGraven Image Art at Download a free copy click: Manifesto of Post Conceptual Art– A Painting’s Meaning is Inherent in its Stroke.

Check out the images and availability of limited and open edition prints — Click: store.

Follow her on Twitter at @judyrey

A smaller e-book will be available soon that is also filled with art, inspiration and Awakening Vision Experiences. The smaller brand new e-book will be available for free before the launch of the Crowd Funding campaign and that will also be available to mailing list subscribers first.

If you wish to have an advantage and to know exactly when the campaign goes live so you have first choice of the rewards that are for originals or limited editions,and get a copy of the free e book, you can use this link to sign up for the revamped free newsletter:

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Seeing Water’s Meaning in the Bible via Art

July 18th, 2012 by Admin | No Comments | Filed in Inspirational Stuff

In the Bible, water, which is the word mayim in Hebrew, represents Torah (also known as the Pentateuch), the written Word. It can also be considered that water can symbolically represent the written Word, known as the Logos by Christians throughout the whole Bible.

Thus when the tribes of Israel cross over the Red Sea into the Sinai desert, the story also indicates that the Word parted, creating a safe path, which next floods in and engulfs and drowns the non-believing Egyptians who pursued the newly freed slaves.This is a extremely significant metaphor as Moses is credited with writing the first five books of the Bible.

The Dock Less Traveled

By Judy Rey Wasserman

To see a larger version of the image (where you can see the strokes!) and discover more about the investment quality limited edition print’s availability click: HERE

So while the Bible begins with the story of Genesis, the written Word in fact begin in the Sinai desert after Moses and the Hebrew people cross the Red Sea .

For Christians, when Jesus walks upon the water reaching the boat carrying his disciples, the visual metaphor show that Jesus is standing on the written Word. As learned Jews every disciple, and many of the followers knew that.

Whenever I paint water, I always and only use the letters of the texts from the first five books of the Bible for the strokes.

In the Dock Less Traveled, the water, as well as the dock and sky are all painted with strokes that are the Torah font letters of Genesis 1-2:7.

In Southampton , NY , where I live, we have many private docks, built over the ocean, bays and lakes. Some of the docks are long, some are shorter. There is no standard dock; each is unique. The poetic imagery of this that each of us has a unique personal walk with The Divine over the Word.

We can walk as far as the end of the dock, or use the dock to gain access to a boat that can take us far out into the waters, or we can jump off the dock and swim in the water.

When you look at the image of the Dock Less Traveled imagine yourself at the moment of stepping onto the dock. You are surrounded by the word. Everywhere you look or step is created by the Word and embodies it.

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The Divine Transformation – Blessings of Passover & Easter

April 18th, 2011 by Admin | 1 Comment | Filed in Inspirational Stuff

The spring festivals of Passover and Easter are about the transformation that occurs when one completely follows The Divine*, which for monotheistic Christians and Jews is the One God.

There is a rebirth that occurs not by the decision – but by the actualization or enactment of that decision. The decision is easy, but carrying it out is almost always fraught with difficulties.

The adversities can be understood as tests in which one proves ones determination, probably more to oneself that to the Divine. Persistence and endurance will overcome any of the adversities; they will also bring a miraculous new life.

Our adversities and troubles can often be understood as blessings in disguise as they often inspire us to redouble our efforts and focus on The Divine through prayer, meditation and study. It has been said that, “There are no atheists in foxholes.”

Often, when in good times we celebrate, even pat ourselves on the back for our victories and focus less on The Divine*. We grow closer to The Divine, and thus become more of our true selves when we are desperate for help. We learn to focus on The Divine through prayer, meditation and study, because we really need help and may have nowhere else to turn for relief. As Aristotle said, “We learn by doing.”

Cherry Tree
by Judy Rey Wasserman

Strokes are Psalm 46

See this image larger and discover how you can own the  Fine Art Print

Embarking on the journey of following The Divine means leaving behind anything, and even anyone, that is not a part of the journey. Whatever we must leave behind is always something that is only necessary to support our ego or our false pride and diverts us from being our true selves. What and who we surround ourselves with helps us keep or lose our purpose and chosen vision.

In Exodus we learn that although the Israelis were not affected by the twelve plagues, they were subject to the wrath of those around them, which considering they were slaves must have been horrible. Yet, Moses persisted and returned again and again to Pharaoh asking that his people be allowed to leave Israel .

Finally, the Israelis were allowed to leave Egypt but they had to hurry! The Israelis needed to surround themselves with visions of a new life of riches and splendor, not the old life of poverty and slavery, both physically and metaphorically as shown by the Bible’s description of the Egyptians giving them precious gold and jewels.

The Bible does dwell on the obvious: what they had to leave behind, such as their homes, which were meager havens but filled with precious memories, including the wonderful recent meal they had shared on the night the Egyptians lost their first born sons. It was a hard life, but it was what they knew and had, but now they had to embark on the unknown.

Strokes are Deuteronomy 6

Spring Tree
by Judy Rey Wasserman

See this artwork larger and Discover how you can own it as an investment quality limited edition Fine Art Print print

Transformation always involves willingly entering the unknown and wandering around in it for a period of time. Birth itself represents transformation when we leave the known security of the womb and wander through the birth canal until we become a new viable human being who can breathe freely.In Genesis, The Divine blows His breath into Adam, which makes him alive. Every other living thing is spoken into life but Man, who is formed and then given the breath of The Divine. Thus according to Genesis, our breath shows that we live and metaphorically indicates The Divine in us.

The minute the Israelites left Egypt they were breathing as free people. Their behaviors and activities were no longer slaves who were subjected to the will of others. Experiencing their new freedom they immediately lacked ego, which in scripture is represented by yeast, which puffs up bread and is a metaphor for false pride and willful behavior. Thus initially during their journey in freedom, they ate matzoh as they turned fully to The Divine.

According to Thomas’ account the transformed and risen Jesus spoke to him. The act of speaking proves a person is alive as no one can speak without breath.

For both Jews and Christians and everyone else spring brings a new vision. We celebrate the transformation of the trees and perennials that come into bloom, plus it is a natural seasons of birth and beginnings. We are transformed by what we see and then by what we do.

Wishing you and your loved ones the freedom and blessings of transformation and meaningful holiday this spring.

* The Term “The Divine” is used as a general term and the reader is invited to substitute their own best and theologically correct term whenever it is used. Given the many names for God or the higher power, this prevents misunderstandings.

Judy Rey Wasserman is the Founder and an Artist of Post Conceptual Art theory including the branch called UnGraven Image. Discover more at<br>

* * *
<strong>Judy Rey Wasserman is an artist and the founder of Post Conceptual Art theory and also the branch known as UnGraven Image Art. Download a free copy click: <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Manifesto of Post Conceptual Art– A Painting’s Meaning is Inherent in its Stroke.</a> </strong>

<strong> <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Check out the limited and open edition prints in the estore.</a> </strong>
<strong>Follow her on Twitter at <a href=”” target=”_blank”> @judyrey </a>.]</strong>

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Genesis Sunset — Dalet

December 8th, 2010 by Admin | No Comments | Filed in Inspirational Stuff

In Genesis Dalet the moment of light depicted is so strong that it seems to create a dip in the land beneath it from its “weight”, looking like a heavy object placed on something soft like foam or a quilt. In reality, this effect is created as the bright light reflects and visually seems to overtake whatever immediately surrounds it.

Sometimes an inspirational idea we have can almost weight us down with its significance that we must somehow express the excitement, which can include jumping up and down, which visually echoes the sun in Genesis Dalet weighing upon the horizon.

Genesis Aleph by Judy Rey Wasserman

Click: See page with link to larger image

Genesis Dalet uses the original Bible’s Torah font letters of Genesis 1-3:7 for each and every stroke. These strokes make it a member of the Genesis: Sunset-Sunrise series. Among other things this series is about moments of inspiration and understandings — those AhHa moments, when we “see the light”.

Post Conceptual UnGraven Image Art uses the Creator’s words as the strokes in every image. These symbol strokes also represent the strings of elementary physics, the tiniest pre particles and waves that are the basis for the physical universe. When you display this artwork at home, or your place of business it will visually remind you everyday that problems and cares are never really solid as the physical universe is comprised of tiny pre-particles and wave motions, which we can also understand as the words of The Divine, who according to Genesis speaks the universe into existence.

“And G-d said, let there be light.” –Genesis 1:3

“So shall My word be that goeth forth out of My mouth: it shall not return unto Me void , except it accomplish that which I please, and make the thing whereto I sent it prosper.” — Isaiah 55:11.

This Giclee print is created in the artist’s own studio using Epson fine art printer and inks for the best possible archival quality and reproduction. We use the highest dpi resolution possible, which is higher than the online sites that produce prints and Giclees from images for merchandise — this means you get better clearer details so that you can actually see the letter-strokes.   This print is the best quality digital print available or possible today from any artist — It has to be the best we can offer — it’s from the Bible!

Close up images so you can see the strokes:


8 x 10.25 inches

This print is on Enhanced Matte paper and is archival

$49.95 (includes handling and first class USPS shipping within USA for free!)

To discover more info in the special page at the shopping cart and/or to buy CLICK HERE NOW

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What Are the Three Stages of Awakened Vision?

February 3rd, 2009 by Admin | 3 Comments | Filed in Brain & Perception, Inspirational Stuff, Uncategorized

Awakened Vision is a genuine experiential change in one’s sight. The person with Awakened Vision can actually see more energy, everywhere, always. This perceptual change can have dramatic and lasting results, including allowing for more emotional freedom (relief from unwanted negative emotions and reactions).

There are three stages in the process of gaining full Awakened Vision. It is easy, fun and interesting to do.

Awakened Vision is gained by focused looking at a new kind of art that was especially developed to show the energies of the universe as they create our world. This new art theory is Judy Rey Wasserman’s Post Conceptual UnGraven Image Art. This Contemporary Art uses a unique set of symbols for all the strokes to represent the strings of elementary physics. The symbol-strokes also simultaneously represent the letters of the words of The Divine (Genesis 1:3), and concepts of duality held by most of the world’s
spiritual paths and religions.

When a person consciously focuses on the art, seeing more energy, visual memories are created.

Gaining Awakened Vision is unlike most previous coaching or counseling methods that relieve unwanted emotions, reactions and thoughts. Most other methods involve letting go or changing one’s behavior or confronting and reviewing painful incidents or thoughts from one’s memories.

Awakened Vision does not require letting go, reviewing, confronting or dealing purposefully with the past, emotions, behavior or thoughts at all, which is sometimes referred to as “peeling the onion”.

Instead, one puts more into one’s life, creating and gaining very specific visual memories. These memories help the brain recognize what the eyes actually already see: energies. Actually, all the eyes can see is light, which is energy.

First Stage

This stage is the Acquiring stage. It is when a person is looking at Post Conceptual UnGraven Image pictures to gain memories that the brain can use to create the enhanced vision.

Like any self improvement program this takes time. How much time differs from individual to individual just as our minds differ due to our different memories and life experiences. It seems best to limit the amount of each session as after a while the attention wanders and the potential for gain decreases.Gaining enough visual memories of seeing the energies can be accomplished through Visual Exercise/Experiences (and soon to be available DVDs) , paintings, prints and online images. The best resource is to see actual paintings.

Having an actual painting or print displayed in a place you frequent at least once a day, such as your bedroom has an added bonus. It will visually remind you on a daily basis that the energies are everywhere.


For a spiritual person it is also a reminder the words of The divine are everywhere. Pause for a moment and look about the room (even the place you are in now while you are reading this) and remind yourself that everything you see is really energy, in more or less solid form.

During this stage the Visual Exercise/Experiences and information in the books, plus any first hand experience with investment quality limited edition prints or paintings are the source of visual information used to gain the memories necessary for Awakened Vision. It becomes obvious that owning this art is a good investment in many ways!

The completion of this stage sort of sneaks up on you. In our busy day to day activities we tend to be focused on what we want to see and miss really seeing what is in our periphery vision and anything we’re not concentrating on.

One day, after gaining many, many memories, so that seeing the energies will not be novel, but almost “normal” to you, you’ll be a bit defocused and realize that the world seems more vibrant or tingly. It will remind you of the Post Conceptual Ungraven Images only the energy sort of vibrates and is much tinier. It is very subtle and will seem natural but also new.

The more you look at it, the more it is there. Plus, you retain all the vision you had. Congratulations! You have Awakened Vision.

Second Stage

This stage begins when one has attained Awakened Vision.

This stage provides a boost to the job of attaining more and more visual memories of seeing the energies that are everywhere always.

First, continue creating more visual memories by lolling at Post Conceptual UnGraven Image Art and also through Visual Exercise/Experiences. This is an important activity as you are purposefully putting visual information into your brain.

Also, pause during the day to also purposefully see the energies and consciously remind yourself that you are seeing energy. Also, remind yourself that you are seeing the words of The Divine.

At this stage when bad news or unwanted situations occur take a deep breath, look around and see the energies. See that the universe is still here, you’re still here and nothing is as solid as it seems to be. Everything is only energy.

For those for whom the basic energies of the universe are also the words of The Divine (Creator) this stage is especially significant. There is a huge difference between understanding that the words of The Divine are everywhere, always and actually seeing this for oneself. During a time of difficulty or trial seeing the energies can be an awesome comfort and encouragement.

Again thinking and telling oneself that what you are seeing is energy, or energies (both are correct) helps give the brain the memories you need to achieve stage three.

Third Stage

Just as suddenly realizing that you’re seeing the energies, stage three happens and at first you may not realize it.

It may take days before you realize you are happier and there is really no reason for it. You just feel better. As if a weight was lifted. Except, nothing in your life has changed much. What changed is you.

Perhaps you notice that something that would have made you feel upset, didn’t or that you are far less upset. For instance someone you care about says something unkind, but this time you don’t feel the upset of all those other times that unkind things were said to you. You find yourself just dealing with what is happening now.

Also, something can happen that should have disturbed you, but doesn’t. It is almost puzzling. Except, that you see the energies so you experience little things as less important and larger problems as not as solid.

However, your experience will be a step beyond that understanding, the weight of old, unwanted negative emotions from past similar feelings, just will not be as strong if they are there at all. Plus, emotions, feelings and thoughts that are attached or a part of the visual memories that your brain uses to decode the impressions of light received from your eyes will be recognized as being only energy.

Since once you recognize things that would have upset you previously you will also consciously recall why to a greater degree you will have a choice. You can choose to be upset—or not. It is a choice that you had previously only theoretically, not consciously. The best choice is obvious as feeling upset will not help you or anyone at all, but will limit your effectiveness and happiness.

It also seems that as one continues to see with Awakened Vision and moves through the stages, continuing to purposefully see the energies, one gains more ability at consciously using one’s brain, rather than being used by it. You become more aware of memories and are less likely to mistake them for your own conscious thoughts.

To discover more about Awakened Vision and how you can easily gain its benefits visit the Art of Seeing The Divine web site:

* * *
Judy Rey Wasserman is an artist and the founder of Post Conceptual Art theory and also the branch known as UnGraven Image Art. Download a free copy click: Manifesto of Post Conceptual Art– A Painting’s Meaning is Inherent in its Stroke.

Check out the limited and open edition prints in the estore.
Follow her on Twitter at @judyrey .]* * *
Judy Rey Wasserman is an artist and the founder of Post Conceptual Art theory and also the branch known as UnGraven Image Art. Download a free copy click: Manifesto of Post Conceptual Art– A Painting’s Meaning is Inherent in its Stroke.

Check out the limited and open edition prints in the estore.
Follow her on Twitter at @judyrey .]

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How Awakened Vision Can Transform Your Life

January 3rd, 2009 by Admin | No Comments | Filed in Uncategorized

If you can read this message on your screen you can easily and painlessly transform your life.

Imagine if instead of having experiences of past upsets, (negative emotion) flit below your consciousness — or come up to consciousness these feelings were simply understood as basic, benign energy by your brain. Imagine the freedom of experiencing less negativity, doubt, fear, anger, etc.For spiritual and religious people, imagine if you were aware of seeing the Words of God, everywhere, now and always — not theoretically, but because you are actually seeing more energies! How would you feel? More peaceful? Inspired? Happier?

These results can easily be yours. While it may seem or feel like a miracle, there are actual scientific explanations for how you can easily gain enhanced vision and how that will transform your life.

Several amazing discoveries occurred when ancient spiritual wisdom (that is also Bible based ) was applied in a new form of art known as Post Conceptual UnGraven Image. This new art has an impact on vision and how one actually sees the world. This then impacts one’s visual memories resulting in greater emotional freedom from unwanted negative feelings and thoughts.

These discoveries were then found to be science based, according to neuroscience, medical science, and elementary physics.

While the results for one’s life may seem like a miracle, they can be gained by “normal” people easily and effectively if they can read this text (in English) on a screen. [Note: “normal” means people who have medically termed normal eyesight with or without corrective lenses, and who also have healthy brains and eyes. Currently the information is only available in English, through an e book and booklet, and artwork that can be collected.]

A normal person’s vision can be actually enhanced — changed — to see more of the energies in the physical universe. These energies, or essences are everywhere.

Basically, the new Post Conceptual UnGraven Image Art depicts more of these energies, which are revered by many spiritual people as the very words of the Creator. The art is a new vision for the brain, which is always eager to gain distinctly new perceptual memories.

We have all experienced looking at someone or something and thinking it reminds us of something else. That is being conscious of the brain’s decoding process.

The brain uses visual memories to decode the impressions of light received from they eyes. Ninety percent of visual perception occurs in the brain as it decodes impressions received from the eyes by using visual memories.

The eyes already see more energies, but the brain has few if any memories it can use to decode or make relevant sense of the information. The understandings of how visual perception can change and brains can expand with additional information comes from recent scientific discoveries about neuroplacticity and vision.

The experience of seeing more of the energies is especially relevant for spiritual people. Many faiths, including Christians and Jews of all branches and denominations, believe that the basic energy and pre-matter of the world (as in string, M, and quantum theories) are the words (actually the letters of the words) of the Creator. These original letters are also binary (again a scientific corollary) and as such also refer to important concepts in most of the world’s faiths and paths.

For spiritual people seeing more of the essences — the energies, which are the Words of the Divine, everywhere always is an immensely comforting, inspiring and life transforming experience.

And God said, “Let there be light…”

Yet, there is more. Possibly the best is yet to come.

Neuroscience has proven and can now measure how emotions and thoughts are energy.

Something more amazing and wonderful occurs after you have fully gained the ability to see more of the energies whenever and wherever you look. You begin to experience far less negativity and unwanted feelings and thoughts in daily life.

Here is why:

The brain continues to collect more visual memories of the energies through both the images of art that continue to be purposefully used and from one’s daily experience. Finally the brain has enough visual memories of the energies (essences).

Next, the brain begins to simply decode memories of emotions (including unwanted, unresolved and negative emotions) as energy. These emotions are associated or attached to visual memories that the brain uses to decode impressions of a daily basis. [Note: more about how this works is explained in both the book and booklet. ]

Finally, you can easily experience greater freedom from unwanted or negative emotions and thoughts as you go through your days. Of course, anyone can always decide to be upset or focus on things that seem upsetting. But, at least it upsetting memories from what is seen will have lessened or ceased. Sixty percent of the brain is dedicated to the perception of vision, to this can be quite a relief!

Through easy and fun Visual Exercise/Experiences that are in The Art of Seeing the Divine Introductory Booklet, you will gain visual memories that your brain can use to decode the impressions of more of the energies that your eyes already see. You do not experience seeing these energies now as your brain has not built up specific memories of them.

Judy Rey Wasserman’s Post Conceptual UnGraven Image Art helps people to see the world—actually see it — in a new way. You’ll see everything that you see now. You’ll just see more. This is enhanced vision.

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance. ~Aristotle

There has never been a program or information like this before. This is a brand new discovery. It is the result of how a new kind of artwork (Post Conceptual UnGraven Image) impacts human vision.

This new way of seeing compliments your faith, consciously held beliefs and other personal motivation and improvement programs.

This special 30 + page booklet includes bonuses of the unique Visual Exercise/Experiences. These help you create and build new visual memories by looking at art.

There is only one way to discover if it you can change how you see the world, easily and effectively. Try it out. That’s why this 30 + page booklet is free. So you can try it out without cost or obligation.

Simply fill in your primary email address in the purple rectangle in the left hand column. A link to the download of the exciting, life transforming and easy to do e booklet will quickly be sent to you. Begin today! [Note: we will never share your info. The newsletter is sent about once a month. You can easily opt out.]

Need to learn more about the newsletter? Click here

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Can a Book Help You Change How You Actually See The World?

November 9th, 2008 by Admin | 1 Comment | Filed in Uncategorized

The Art of Seeing the Divine — Book 1: What Do You See? by Judy Rey Wasserman offers an inspirational visual way to change the way one sees the world by using a series of easy and fun Visual Experiences to create memories the brain can then use to more accurately decode and recognize the images of light received from the eyes. See more energy – the essence of the universe, which for many are the inspirational and empowering Words of The Creator according to Genesis 1.

How is this possible?

Recent scientific discoveries reveal that ninety percent (90%) of vision occurs in the brain as it decodes the impressions of light received by the eyes. You can actually enhance how you see the world by specifically and consciously adding visual memories of images that will allow the brain to recognize and decode more of the data received.

As your brain begins to use the new memories of images to decode the impressions of light received from your eyes you will see the essences that are everywhere always, which for many people are the words of the Creator. Actually, your eyes have been seeing this and do even now, but your brain had no data to use to decode these impressions previously. For many people these energies are or represent the words of the Creator.

The images used are special. They are from the new Post Conceptual UnGraven Image artworks that use the only alpha-numeric, phonic and binary symbol set in the world for each and every stroke. These symbol-strokes elegantly represent the energy, or strings of elementary physics, as they tally in behavior (sound/written= energy/pre-matter), number, and they are even binary. These amazing symbols are the Torah font letters of from original Bible texts.Thus the images artistically embody and present the concept.

However, the visual Exercise/Experiences are more than just looking at art. You become visually involved with the art and close-ups of the art in different and interesting ways. New concepts are introduced that help understand the theory and process. Plus, you learn to see art and look in ways that are new for most people.

Seeing the energies is inspiring and empowering. The world, including problems, concerns, obstacles (real or considered) seem less solid and impassable when one is experiencing the universe as energy and the words of the Divine.

How Can This Image Help You Change The Way You See The World?

Judy Rey Wasserman

Psalm 69 (Seagull)

Text used for strokes : Psalm 69

Seeing in this new way also encourages better results from answered prayer, visualization, positive thinking, affirmations and the Law of Attraction

This occurs for several reasons. First, becoming aware of the energy helps you pull yourself out of negative thought patterns and emotions, that can seem very “true” and real at the time. Viewing the energy (words of the Divine) offers an immediate challenge to the actual validity or truth of negative thoughts and emotions.

As you consciously, and probably for the first time in your life focus on consciously creating visual memories simply for the sake of having them (not to learn something else) you are simultaneously purposefully working your brain. Rather than just going along with the thoughts and feelings your brain send you, you are practicing being consciously in charge. Meditation is another way of taking charge of one’s focus, but this is different. This is consciously focusing, adding and creating more of the way you want your mind to work.

The Art of Seeing The Divine — Book 1, includes encouraging, inspirational and informative articles as well as ten (10) Visual/Exercise/Experiences that include illustrations. Most people enjoy the Visual/Exercise/Experiences as they are fun, interesting and impossible to fail but designed for continual improvement a a person’s own rate. Thus the book is kind of a personal seminar in book format. Start today!

Get The Book. Do The Book. See More. Share The Vision.

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