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Sag Harbor Bridge Sunset

Genesis Sunset-Sunrise series

14" X 11" image (approx. plus print includes additional at least 1 "full circumference white border for framing.)

Double hand signed ( in English and with the logo-signature face)

Originally 200 signed and numbered prints available 14 x 11 size on this media. Total number of of S/N prints for this image will be 600. Period.

Best archival quality fine art paper and inks

Strokes are words of texts: Genesis 1- 2:7, Deut. 6:4 & Gold "frame" Psalm 19.

$250.00 includes free shipping

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Each print includes separate Certificate of Authenticity, information as to how to update and maintain provenance, good overage outside of the printed image are for framing. Size indicates the printed area only.

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