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Each day of the quiz the top point scoring contestant wins a copy of the new e book, The Art of Seeing The Divine-- Book 1, What Do You See? Retail price of the book is $24.94

Any contestant who wins more than one daily round has a choice of another copy of the e-book or a credit worth $20.00 off of the price of any collectible, investment quality, signed, numbered original print available through either the Post Conceptual UnGraven Image site or the Art of Seeing The Divine site.

Each contestant who scores 100 points during a round wins a full membership to the Premier Newsletter for 1 year. the Premier newsletter is a $19.95 value as it contains better discounts and bonuses, first access to upcoming seminars (initially free) and more.

The Art of Seeing The Divine -- Book 1

If you can read this message on your screen you can easily transform your life through a new amazing, miraculous seeming, visual breakthrough.

There has never been a book or program or information like this before.

This new way of seeing compliments your faith, consciously held beliefs and other personal motivation and improvement programs.

Now you can easily experience and enjoy more emotional freedom -- more clarity by actually changing your vision. You can easily learn to you see more of the energies that are everywhere, always and now.

For spiritual people this means seeing more of the essences of the universe, which are the words of God.

It is actually easier to help you achieve results that to explain the scientific basis of why it works. It has to do with how the brain works, how the perception of vision works, discoveries in the binary sciences. Plus for spiritual or religious people there is a lot of basic theology and wisdom that is illuminated and further revealed.

Much of this is quickly and simply explained in the book and free introductory booklet.

But you do not need to be a scientist or a spiritual or religious person for this to work for you. Like gravity, which science and so all of us, do not fully understand it will work if you do it. If you can simply look at images and "learn" to see and recognize something new, like a new gadget or product or face, you will succeed. If you can read this text on a screen you can do it, because at present this material is only available in English and is in e book PDF format.

Obviously, the book is fuller in every way. But, you can get both. By simply looking at certain new kinds of images you can create visual memories that your brain can use to decode the impressions of light it receives from your eyes. When you have enough new memories you will actually experience seeing more of the energies, the essences of the physical universe around you.

This is sort of like seeing an extra color, in that you will see everything you can now (with or without corrective lenses), but you will see more. This is enhanced vision.

After a while of seeing in this new way while continuing to create more visual memories your brain will begin to recognize emotions, including unwanted, negative emotions as simply energy. You experience feeling freer and have more emotional freedom.

Most normal people experience consciously or unconsciously a lot of feelings, including many negative ones that are associated with visual memories, which the brain uses to decode whatever your eyes see.

Everyone has looked at someone or something and been reminded of someone else. That is an experience of the decoding process where the brain sees something that seems familiar and similar but realizes it is not an exact match. Whatever the feelings you had about whoever or whatever you were reminded of were briefly experienced also.

While we can easily decide to feel happy, getting rid of negative and unwanted feelings has not been that easy. It can be difficult to remain calm and happy.

Yet when the brain in sees them as simply energy, decodes them as just energy (emotions are really energy) without subjecting you to the feelings life brightens and lightens.

You do not need to experience your brain dragging the problems and emotions of the past into your present based on what you see.

You can be freer, happier and enjoy better relationships and more success. You can be more of who you know you can be.

And it is easy! If you can read this text you can do this.

The Art of Seeing The Divine -- Book 1, What Do You See? and the free introductory Art of Seeing The Divine Introductory Booklet are like nothing that exists anywhere, in any book, program, seminar, etc.

They use a unique new type of art that is known as Post Conceptual UnGraven Image Art theory. This is founded by me, Judy Rey Wasserman. On Twitter: @judyrey

If you are skeptical about the benefits I claim can be easily yours through doing the books and looking at the artwork and images-- that is fine. There are many people, programs and books on the market that make all kinds of promises. Some do offer benefit, help and relief, while others are shams. Be skeptical, but try it out. The book comes with a full money refund guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

Get started on your new road to enhanced vision and more emotional freedom. For spiritual and religious people of most faiths and paths, and especially for all Christians and Jews, these new artistic, visual and emotional advances are a fulfillment of scripture.


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